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Is Your Business Sexy? 4 Questions to ask yourself

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Is your business sexy? 

1. Does your overdraft account rise and fall like the steady breathing of a sleeping lover?

2. Does your long term loan stand strong and silently in the background like a trusted provider, its’ bulk having secured the start-up costs and perfect premises in just the right location?

3. Do your cheeky little finance loans give you much joy and hours of entertainment through the company vehicles and the operating equipment they support?

4. Does your Revenue cascade in, let COGS deflect just enough of the spray to turn into a respectable Gross Profit before effortlessly gliding their way in between and over every day expenses evolving into EBIT; do your Tax and Finance facilities take a modest sip before all your hard work finally transforms into that well deserved Net Profit leaving you free funds in hand ready to be put to work and do it all again, growing bigger and better than before?

If you answered NO to even just ONE of these quickly come and talk to us at MERCK Business Consulting where we can work wonders to bring the Sexy Back to your business!

Because there is nothing sexier than clear and efficient business finances! Trust us we are business finance experts.

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