Are you in control?

Making the wrong decision or not planning adequately for the next stage of a business’ life cycle has seen many businesses fail. Don’t let your business run away with you, take control!

Why Choose MERCK Business Consulting

We are passionate about helping our clients and with experience developed over the last decade from within the finance industry and working closely with a variety of businesses, large and small, we are able to provide our clients with a clear insight into their financial performance to help avoid common pitfalls and develop strategies to achieve their business goals and objectives.

We provide our clients with thorough business and financial analysis from which specific strategies are tailored to their businesses designed to enable their continued growth and success.

Problem Solving Mindset

Whether it be solving for current inefficiencies or developing a strategy to reach your goals we have both the expertise and creativity to help.

Expert Analysis

Highly qualified and experienced financial analyst working with you to uncover your true business performance and potential.


We pride ourselves on being able to turn your financial data into clear information that enables you to make informed decisions and create value for your business.


We have developed a range of services designed to assist businesses based on where they find themselves. We provide support for anyone at start-up, growth, through to exit.


Don't let your start-up fail through poor business planning. We will help you start up right with tailored business and financial management processes to enable continued growth capabilities.

Business Growth & Acquisition

Ready to expand? We will work with you to develop a tailored strategy to enable you to achieve your business growth ambitions.

Strategic Exit

Are you exit ready? Don't leave value behind through poor planning and execution. We will help you navigate the exit process to ensure you are in a strong position to negotiate the sale of your business.

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Contact us with any enquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible, we’re looking forward to seeing your company grow!

Merck Business Insights

We are passionate about providing you with the latest relevant information and insights to help your business succeed.
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